Thursday, January 27, 2011

Taking a Family Photo

It never ceases to amaze me how hard it can be to take a family photo.  It's hard enough to take a good picture of one child!  Getting everyone to look at the camera with a pleasant look on their face is quite a feat. 

A few days ago we tried to get a family photo to send to two kids we signed up to sponsor through Compassion and World Vision.  We just signed up to sponsor on January 1st, and these were our first letters to introduce ourselves, so we really wanted a family photo instead of separate shots of each member of the family.  We also wanted the picture to be as current as possible because it can sometimes take weeks or even months for a sponsored child to receive a letter, and Cora will look completely different in a few months. 

(Take these photos, for example.  They were taken just three months ago, and Cora already looks completely different!)

Since we don't have a live-in professional photographer, we resorted to setting the camera on the coffee table and using the automatic setting.  It was interesting.  Picture this: "Okay, grab Cora.  Brennan sit there.  No, there.  Hurry, Jim!  Okay, smile!  Nope, we didn't get it... Let's try again.  Where did Cora go?" 

We never did get a "perfect" photo, but all in all, we got a few good shots and at least our sponsored kids will know what we look like.

We pray that Dalton and Mayerli will know we already love them and pray for them, and we are excited to start this journey of sponsorship!!


  1. I found your blog because of a google alert set to pick up on blogs mentioning Compassion. I am so glad to hear that you're going to work on the letter writing part of this ministry!

  2. Thanks, Michelle! I tried to find an email address for you but couldn't, so this is the best I can do. I hope you read it. Anyway, I have been to your blog several times before, as my friend Cat Holloway suggested I check it out. It was very helpful as we prepared to send our first letters, especially because it was a bit confusing trying to keep track of the different requirements for World Vision and Compassion. (I'm sure after one or two times it will be old hat.)

    We are very convicted about the importance of letter writing. We will for sure send a letter every month, and my goal would be to send an email every second week or so, when possible. It will be a family affair. We chose our kids for their birth dates, to coincide with our biological children's birthdays. That is why we are using two different agencies. And our son Brennan will be using part of his "give" money from his chores ("jobs") to buy things to send to our kids. He loves it.

    This will probably all turn into another blog post in the not-so-distant future, so I'll stop here.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Just came over from Thrifty Decor Chick. I think your family is darling!

  4. Caught you over at TDC! Can't wait to read more about your home and family. Come check me out at

  5. I'm your new follower, coming over from TDC. You have a gorgeous family!

  6. Melissa! Imagine my surprise when I was reading one of my favorite blogs and I click on your link and there is Brennan! He has not changed a bit, just has gotten bigger. I'm looking forward to reading your blog.

    Hollye Cross


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