Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Simple, Non-Lame Valentine's Day Decor

Decorating for Valentine's Day is tricky.  I like to do it because the kids enjoy it and it reminds me of being a kid myself, but there is definitely a fine line between fun and lame.

I will gladly do lame for the sake of my children on Valentine's morning, but I can't live with that for the rest of the month.  So, in an effort to bring in a little whimsy without a lot of wacky, I made just a few subtle changes to my everyday decor. 

With a pre-made X and O from JoAnn Fabric, an old, heart-shaped framed photo, and some Hershey kisses, I made an interesting little photo ledge that still says Valentine's Day without being too juvenile. 

I also brought out my mini ribbon wreath and put it on the kitchen table.  If I had a black and white place mat, I'd use that instead, but I'm working with what I've got.  (Leveraging black and white properly can really help make Valentine's Day decorations more grown up.)

My biggest project was large in scale, but it only took about a half an hour and cost around $8.  I bought a giant cardboard R while I was at JoAnn, painted it red with pink polka dots (yes, they're pink), and attached a black and white ribbon.  I decided it was high time I take down my Christmas wreath, and I couldn't stand the thought of a bare door until spring.  It's too dreary outside for that.

I think the R needs a little bow or fun ribbon at the top, but I'm not sure how exactly I want to do it.  Thoughts?

What holidays do you decorate for, and which ones do you skip?

I'm linking up to The Valentine's Mantel Linky Party at The Stories of A2Z.  Head over there to see other creative mantels and tablescapes.



  1. I seem to decorate for every holiday. And I have grown up men for kids. But I only usually decorate one room. It gives me something to blog about. I do like what you have done. Love the "R". I like it just like it is.

  2. Your stuff all looks really good. I like the R as is but you could tie a big bow to it around where the bump meets the stick. (does that make sense?) Like if the R were just a P, you'd tie where the bump and stick meet. :) Maybe black since you said that keeps it sophisticated!

    I decorate for Christmas, Fall/Halloween, A little valentine's day, LOTS of Easter. I generally skip July 4th and St. Patrick's Day, and Thanksgiving is just fall decor.

  3. I love that huge "R"! What a great idea! I'm hopping over from Thrifty Decor Chick's blog! I love your style and Cora's room is FABULOUS! I am now following you! :)

  4. Cute mantle. I love the touch of red. I'm just getting into decorating with the seasons so I'm not sure which holidays I'll go out for.

  5. Non lame indeed! Love your R on your door ;).


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