Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Few Sneak Peeks...

I've mentioned that I have been helping my friend Rachel to decorate her nursery.  She has only posted a couple of pictures on her own blog, and it doesn't seem right to post more pictures of Myla's nursery than Rachel has, so I'll just repost what she has shown so far.

These murals are the focal point for the room.  They coordinate with the bedding and give you a hint as to the overall design of the room.

Don't I look artsy in this picture?  I don't really consider myself an artist, but I told Rachel that I am starting to rethink that after painting these murals.  With the exception of the pink circles, which I traced, I did everything freehand.  I'm not usually a freehand girl, so I am super proud of the final results.

In addition to painting the murals, I also offered to make the crib skirt and curtains for the nursery, as well as a few other details and accessories.  It has been so. much. fun. seeing everything come together!  I just can't wait to post pictures of the whole room!

But since I can't do that yet, I'll bore you with another picture of Cora's room.

Remember when I said that I wanted a black and white rug for Cora's room but I wasn't going to pay for one?  Well, that was before I saw this one at Big Lots for nine dollars!!!   I wasn't even looking, but apparently this rug was looking for me!  It practically jumped off the shelf at me when I was looking for something else. And who can complain about nine dollars?!

I have also been busy sewing curtains for the kids' playroom.  I just made simple valances, and I bought the rods on my Big Lots run, but I need Jim to hang them.  I haven't bugged him about it too much because I plan to paint the walls soon.  (I'd love to do that this weekend... If I write that on my blog for all the world my two readers to see, am I more inclined to get it done?)

With all of the sewing, decorating, painting, and crafting I've been doing, I have still found some time to shop for a super cute shirt for Cora...

... and take care of other mommyish things.

And while we're looking at Cora enjoying her peanut butter and jelly, I just have to report for those who haven't heard yet: We had allergy testing done last week, and Cora is not allergic to milk!!  We are slowly starting to introduce milk into her diet, a little at a time.  The allergist said it should take a month for us to fully integrate it, but for now we are enjoying not having to read labels.  It has been one week since we did the testing, and so far Cora has had a quarter cup of whole milk mixed into her soy milk at each meal, and she even tried a little pesto on her pasta.  I wouldn't say she was ecstatic, but I'll let you know how she feels about macaroni and cheese, pizza, and grilled cheese sandwiches when we get to that point!  Starting tomorrow she will go half and half on soy and whole milk, and I'll start giving her small tastes of new foods.

Our little squirt is going to get big before we know it!


  1. Melissa! Your art is sooo good! Your friend's nursery is going to be so cute!

  2. I love that black chair...toile is my favorite!

    sandy toe

  3. Stopping in from TDC! I LOVE your little girl's nursery! It is very similar to what I have in mind for if/when I have a little girl. I am nowhere near ready for babies but SO ready to decorate a nursery! Really cute!

  4. I cant wait to see the finished product! I am thinking those are the colors I want to use when we have a baby girl!

  5. I could never paint a mural like that! I would say you are an artist. :-) LOVE them. Found you through TDC and I'm looking forward to seeing your projects...

  6. Jessica - Are you talking about the black and pink in my daughter's nursery, or the pink, green, and brown in my friend's nursery? Either way, it's sure to be beautiful!!


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