Friday, January 11, 2013

Seth: Eight Months Old

So, this post is super old.  I wrote it over a month ago (beginning of December), but I was having trouble with Blogger.  It kept telling me I had exceeded my maximum photo storage.  Today, when I went to buy more, I was nowhere near capacity.  I'm not sure what happened, but it's time to play post catch-up again!!!  Hooray!

Sleeping Patterns: Seth is still a good sleeper, and I think he'd be a great sleeper if he weren't still dealing with ear infections and teething.  His schedule is a little different every day because his ears are disruptive - and because his brother and sister's schedules make consistency impossible - but he usually sleeps roughly twelve hours at night and takes about three long naps during the day.  He takes one of his naps in the morning (depending on when he wakes up), he gets sleepy again between 12 and 1 PM, and then he takes one more, usually shorter power nap around dinnertime.

Eating Habits: Eating has been the source of lots of frustration this past month.  Although Seth is eating more than he was when he was exclusively nursing, we have discovered that he is allergic to both regular and soy formula.  We have just transitioned him to Nutramigen and hope to see his allergy symptoms disappear in the next week.

Baby's Weight Gain: We are finally gaining some weight!  The last time I brought Seth in, he weighed over 17 pounds, which was great.  I am looking forward to his weigh-in at the beginning of January.

Accomplishments: We have our first tooth today!  This morning when I woke up and felt Seth's lower gums, I could feel a teeny, tiny rough spot, and upon examining it, I could see a sliver of white poking through.  It looks like the tooth next door may not be far behind, either.  Aside from that, Seth started saying, "duh" this past month.  He really isn't babbling as much as I would like, but I think that is because he can't really hear me.

Seth is army crawling much more proficiently.  I can no longer leave him in one place or trust that he'll stay out of trouble.  He has discovered cords, crumbs on the kitchen floor, and his sister's tiny toys.  He has also started feeding himself puffs, and it is super fun to watch him try to get them out of his fist and into his mouth.

Places We Went: We took our annual trip to a Christmas tree farm to choose and chop down a tree.  Seth also went to Cora's Christmas program, Brennan's performance at the Nolensville Christmas tree lighting, and he has been to many, many stores with me as I prepare for Christmas.  :-)

Memorable Events or Holidays:  We celebrated a hectic and fun Thanksgiving with some friends.  We had five adults and six kids in our house (ages 6, 4, 3, 3, 1, and 7 mos).  Seth just hung out with people, sat in his high chair, and slept.  He was a perfect baby, as usual.

(So, I know the photos in this post are blurry.  No, it's not your eyes or your computer.  I took the pics with my iPhone.  Don't worry... I won't make that mistake again with the monthly photos!) :-)

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