Monday, June 13, 2011

Start Spreading the News...

Last week we took a trip to New York City.

Okay, not really... but we pretended to, along with a hundred other local kids!

Last week was Vacation Bible School, and our theme was New York City.

I volunteered to head up crafts to kids age 4 - 5th grade, and it was very rewarding.

The work really started a few months ago as I decided on the crafts and made lists of all of our supplies.

Then, the week before VBS, a group of awesome women from my church got together and helped prep the crafts for a few hours.

I cannot imagine having done it without them.  I would have been cutting skylines for two weeks and seeing foam stickers in my sleep!

At VBS, the kids made skylines...

... and Father's Day cards...

... and cloth napkins, among other things.

The napkins were my favorite craft.  We gave each child a cloth napkin and fabric markers to decorate napkins for local Meals on Wheels recipients.

I wasn't sure how the kids would do with such an open-ended craft.  I worried that maybe they'd color two or three quick things and quit, but they didn't.  All of the kids took the whole craft time on Thursday to work on their napkin, and many of them spent part or all of their craft time on Friday finishing.  They really put their hearts into it!

I know those people will be blessed by the kids' labors of love.

I pray that the kids were equally blessed by their time at VBS and that the Holy Spirit will be at work on each of their precious hearts.

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