Monday, June 27, 2011

A Few Funny Conversations

Today, I told Brennan to hold still at lunch because he had something on his mouth.  He was very upset with me for messing with him, and I said, "Brennan, there was a hair on your lip!"  He said, "I felt it and I liked it there!"  Yeah, right.  This from my OCD child.

On Friday night we went to see Cars 2.  All of Brennan's play the next day was about secret agents and super spies.  At one point he asked, "Why is a super spy called a super spy?"  My response was, "Hmmm... I don't know."  Jim's response of course was "Well, I'm not sure they were ever actually called super spies in the movie"  Any wonder why Brennan is the way he is?

On Saturday morning, Cora decided she wanted to get dressed and took off her jammies.  I had to iron her shirt (we were going to a birthday party), and while I was ironing, I heard her scream from Brennan's room.  Brennan came running and said, "Mommy, the reason you heard a scream is because I do NOT want a naked girl in my room, and I was trying to get her out!"  Boy, will he regret saying that some day.

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