Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brennan is a Graduate!

Our little boy is certainly growing up.  This past Friday, he graduated from preschool.  I can't believe his preschool days are behind us now.  It's so surreal!

The kids did a cute presentation with songs and then each child was called by name to receive a medal.

Even though we got there on time, I had to deliver Brennan to his classroom and take him to the bathroom, and by the time I got to the sanctuary, all of the seats in the main part were taken.  We ended up so far back in a little annex that I couldn't get decent photos.  This one below is the best I could do when Brennan received his medal:

Seriously a bummer.  :-(  I wanted to cry.  I know I wasn't entitled to good seats just because I'm a mom, but I was sad anyway.  I so treasure good photos.

This is a picture of Cora clapping when the kids were receiving their medals.  Jim stood in the very back with Cora so she could get down and run around.

As the kids were exiting the auditorium, Brennan was the absolute last kid to leave.  (He was on the top row in the last class to leave.)  He didn't like all of the noise and chaos, but you can tell he isn't totally miserable.

I didn't get a picture of Brennan coming in at the beginning because it was too crowded, and I was too busy trying not to cry.  I didn't plan to cry at all, but the kids came in to "A, You're Adorable," which is a song that I sang to Brennan constantly when he was a baby.  I just couldn't believe they picked that song!

After the ceremony, I got a picture of Brennan with his teacher, Ms. Carla.  He is happy that he hasn't had to say good-bye yet.  She is going to be one of the teachers at his summer camp in a few weeks.

Congratulations to my little graduate!  Now it's time to get ready for the big leagues!

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