Friday, March 18, 2011

Yes, One Small Purchase CAN Make a Difference!

So, I've been helping my friend Hope to change her living room, and it has been so fun and rewarding.  When Hope first contacted me, she sent me a picture and told me that she wished she could have this room:

She ripped this picture out of a magazine a long time ago and has held on to it, dreaming of making a space like this for herself.

After asking Hope what she liked so much about this room and having lots and lots of dialogue about spaces she liked, I learned a few things:  She loves casual, comfortable spaces, she loves yellow, blue, and green, and she likes for the curtains to have a strong presence of color.  Luckily, she is already on her way in several of those areas.

After studying her space, I decided that what we needed to do more than anything was lighten her accessories.  We need to get rid of all of the heavy, gold, gilded frames and lamps and introduce lots of white, some fresh greenery, streamlined frames, and light, fresh pillows. 

Our first mission was to go together to choose those new pillows for her existing couch.  She was worried about having a leather couch when a slipcovered look might suit her style better, but her husband loves the couch and wants it to stay.  I definitely don't think that the couch has to go; it just has to be lightened and freshened up, making it a neutral backdrop.

After Hope and I got back from Pottery Barn the other day, she sent me some before and after pictures of her couch along with the most fun, inspiring email:

"I just couldn't help but email you these photos I took.  I have to admit that I wasn't feeling excited when we were at the store.  I felt overwhelmed by choices and didn't really love anything.  I loved it all together the way Pottery Barn has hundreds of beautiful things pieced together, but I didn't love my measly four pillow cases.  Just being honest.  But I kept telling myself "trust Melissa, trust Melissa...this is why you have asked for her help".  But still no excitement.  When I got home I changed out the pillow covers.  Oh wow!  I was soooo wrong not to be excited!  I really love them and adore the light fresh feeling they automatically bring to the room!  Hooray Melissa!  When we were buying them, I was thinking to myself that I really prefer brighter bolder colors.  Now when I compare my old pillows photo to my new pillows photo I can see how your plan looks so much nicer, cleaner, brighter, etc.
Thank you!  Thank you for going with me!!"

Don't her new pillows make a huge difference?  I think they definitely help move us in the right direction. 

This is proof that just making a small change can have a large impact.  

So tell me, have you ever walked into a store that you love and felt like buying an item or two wouldn't possibly make any difference in your space?

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