Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dr. Seuss Invitations and Dreaming of a Silhouette

So, my little guy turns five in just one week, and we are busy getting ready for a Dr. Seuss-themed birthday party.  Brennan loves Dr. Seuss books, and he also loves the music from "Seussical the Musical."  So when "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That" premiered on PBS a few months back, Brennan was smitten.  (He has since moved on to "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" and abandoned the Cat.  Poor kitty.)  

B declared right away that when he turned five he wanted to have a Dr. Seuss birthday party.  He hasn't changed his mind since.

Usually I make my own invitations for the kids' parties, but I wanted to make my life a little simpler this year, as I am also planning a women's retreat in April.

In the end, I worked with Etsy seller MommiesInk make these adorable invitations.  All I had to do was load the image onto my memory card, drive to Sam's, and order a bunch as 5 x 7 photos.  When I picked up my photos, they had included a bunch of envelopes, which they always do when I print photos at Sam's to be used as invitations or announcements.  (I never even have to ask!)

I found so many cute items on Etsy, but I tried to be good.  I loved this banner, and I  really want to make one myself, but I'm not sure I'm up for the challenge unless someone wants to offer use of their Cricut or other die-cut machine.  It's just too much work!

Speaking of which...

I really, really, really want a Silhouette.  (Like, so much!)  If I had a Silhouette, I could make my own vinyl decals for my house, create Brennan's birthday banner, make monograms to use to etch glass for wedding gifts, label the kids' toy bins, make more applique shirts for my kiddos...

Oh, the possibilities!

My birthday and Mother's Day are both in May.  Any chance I could talk all of you into donating to the Melissa-needs-a-Silhouette fund?  (hahaha)


What silly, expensive toy do you really wish you could have?


  1. you and me both! I want a Silhouette, too, maybe for mother's day? :D

  2. I would LOVE a Silhouette! I was just online the other day looking to see if I could get a good deal on one. ~sigh~ someday...

  3. Melissa,
    I dont know anything about the Silhouette, because I have a Cricut. BUT- let me let you in on a little Cricut secret (in case the silhouette has a similar problem).

    With the Cricut, you have to buy "cartridges" that contain different shapes and fonts. The cartridges run about $40 each. BUT if you buy the SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) software like I did, you pay the one time fee of $59 and then you can use your cricut to cut ANY font or ANY shape you have on your computer. Which means all of the fonts you can download for free on the internet too! I have over 600 fonts and shapes!

    Just a thought. Silhouette probably works on a different system, but I wanted to give you a heads up :)


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