Thursday, December 9, 2010

5 Adults, 3 Kids, 2 Cars, and a Patridge in a Pear Tree

We did not actually bring home a partridge.  And although I admit to knowing nothing about trees, I do know that our Christmas tree is not a pear tree.  I did, however, sort of did feel like the Partridge Family as we loaded up our vehicles to head to Volunteer Christmas Tree Farm for our annual tree-chopping excursion.  ("Come on, get happyyyy...")

This was the first time my mom and sister were able to go with us to chop down a tree, and it was fun including them in the adventure.  We also took along our friend's daughter, Alana, because Alana's infant brother, Thomas, has been in the hospital for weeks, having received several heart surgeries.  We knew Brennan would enjoy a playmate, and we wanted Alana to have some Christmas cheer.  She was the perfect addition to our big family!

Check out the sunshine!  Weather can really make or break the Christmas tree experience.  We had years in Texas when it was so warm it didn't feel like Christmas.  And, there were years, like last year, when it was so cold that the wind stung our eyes and we couldn't wait to get done.  ("Is that tree alive?  Okay, it's perfect. Cut it down!")


This year the weather was cool and crisp, but it wasn't nearly as cold as the forecasters had predicted. It was just cold enough to feel wintery but not so cold that we were miserable.  And the sunshine was glorious.

After lots of playing, racing, and frolicking (there is really no time as perfect to use the word "frolicking"), we finally settled down to the business of finding the right tree.

Brennan and Alana supervised as Jim cut the trunk...

And then we all stood by our conquest for a final shot.

While the tree got prepped for the drive home, the kids had candy canes, and the grownups had complimentary hot chocolate and spiced cider.

Despite the hideous lighting of my photo, I think our tree is beautiful.  I used to fret about themes, matching ornaments, perfectly cascading ribbon, and other crazy things I thought would make me a better housewife, decorator, or whatever.  I am now at peace saying it's our tree, it brings us joy, and I love it.

"A whole lotta lovin' is what (it is) bringing... (It) make(s) (me) happyyyyy..."  :-)

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