Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reasons to Smile

We had such an awesome day today!  I smiled all day long, for so many reasons.

First, the weather was amazing.  I had windows open all over my house, and a cool breeze blew through and made the whole house smell fresh and clean.  Nothing makes me as happy as a perfect fall day when we have waited so long for a break in the weather.

I took the kids across the street to Hicklen Farm to take some pictures today after lunch.  The farm is literally across the street from our subdivision, and next year, when Cora is a little bigger, we may just walk over there.  We were already there on Monday to buy pumpkins and a mum for the front porch, but we returned today to take photos.  The Hicklens were so gracious about letting me take photos, and they invited me to come back any time.  Mr. Hicklen told me about stories about the house and what it looked like during the Civil War, and he even showed me a photo of his great-grandmother in front of the farmhouse.  I just love that the farm has been in their family for five generations, and I hope it stays that way for at least five more.  I want to bring my kids there every year and get to know the family on a first-name basis and have Brennan and Cora tell their own children stories about growing up across the street from a working farm.  Love it.

After we left the farm, we ran a quick errand, and I got a Toffee Mocha.  Yet another reason to smile.

When we got home, Brennan helped me pick up the whole house.  He asked me to make him a list, which I loved.  He is really into lists, and he is starting to read high-frequency words, which is a lot of fun.  In fact,  I wrote him a simple story yesterday, and he read the whole thing without help.  (The first sentence was, "Brennan loves to go to the zoo," and when he read it, he was so proud!)  Anyway, I was so thankful to have a clutter-free house and a willing helper!

After we picked up, Brennan and I made applesauce.  This is a fall tradition in our family, and I look forward to "applesauce day" every year.  I wait until the weather is just right, because just like drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes when it is still hot outside, making applesauce before it is truly fall is just wrong.  To me, homemade applesauce truly kicks off autumn.  I love the way it smells, the way it tastes, and what it represents.

Tonight before dinner we got a new loveseat delivered for our playroom.  Brennan helped Jim to put it together after we ate, and the kids were so excited!  I'm excited too, to have a place to sit while the kids play!   Now we can actually use the playroom!  And, of course, now I'm getting motivated to paint the walls, buy new light fixtures, find some artwork...


More reasons to smile.


  1. Those are all wonderful reasons to smile! Looks awesome!

  2. mmmm....I'd LOVE to try some of that homemade applesauce!

  3. Aw, the kids looks so adorable! Their outfits are so cute too!!! What a beautiful family!


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