Monday, October 4, 2010

The Look for Less

I am obsessed with adorable boutique clothes, but I am not obsessed with the prices.  I think there are certain clothes that are worth the extra cost, and there are some that are not, especially when it comes to children's clothes.  Recently I tried my hand at a few things that didn't seem worth the extra dough.

First, I did my first applique.  The car was much easier than I expected (I thought that stitching around it would be impossible, but it wasn't), and Brennan is really happy with it.  He now has requests for several other shirts, including one with a letter B.  I'll just add that to my "too much to do, not enough time" list. :-)

For Cora I made a little outfit for $9 that would have otherwise cost around $30 or $40 at my favorite boutique.  I just bought a $5 tee-shirt and a $4 pair of pants from Target, pulled out some of my scrap ribbon and buttons, and dressed it all up.  (Forgive the photo quality below, but have you ever tried to get a full-outfit photo of a one-year-old in a room full of birthday toys?)
Someone's pants keep falling off...

 Voila!  Major cute without going broke!

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