Friday, October 12, 2012

Cora is Three!

My baby girl turned three a week and a half ago.  How is that possible?  This little one, who started out so colicky and miserable...

... is now so full of joy and energy.  Her vocabulary and verbal skills are second-to-none, and she has a contagious smile.  She wins over most anyone who knows her with her hilarious speech and beautiful personality.

Here is a little glimpse into Cora's world at age three:

Cora Loves...

  • purple and pink
  • Caillou
  • Hello Kitty and princess paraphernalia
  • her stuffed piggy and elephant, "Ellie"
  • peanut butter and jelly (every. single. day.)
  • nail polish and lip gloss
  • painting
  • dancing
  • playing "I Spy" in the car
  • seeing her friends - especially her best friends from church

On Cora's birthday, she woke up to find pink and purple decorations greeting her at the breakfast table.  I always hang balloons and put down a tablecloth for the kids' birthdays, and this year, when Cora came downstairs and said, "Wow!  Thank you, Mommy, for doing this for me!  I love it!"  I knew it had been worth it to get up while it was still dark and hang balloons.  :-)

Since we couldn't enjoy any family festivities until after Daddy and Brennan got home from school, Grandma and I decided to take Cora for a haircut and some pampering!

Word to the wise:  NEVER pay to have your daughter's hair curled at Snip-Its.  They did a great job, but if you really feel the need to spend obscene amounts of money on a hairdo, come see me.  I'd be happy to curl your child's hair for you!!

In the afternoon, we had planned to go to a local pumpkin patch for hayrides, corn mazes, and more, but it rained.  :-(  Instead, we went with Cora's two best friends and their brothers to Monkey Joe's for some good, basic jumping.

Cora was given her first ever "My Little Pony" set.  She loves those ponies more than any toy in our house right now.  I wish so much I had thought to get a picture of Cora with Joshua and Dylan, but I didn't.  I was too busy staying flexible with the changes our day brought.

After we left Monkey Joe's, we went home for cupcakes and family presents.

The big gift of the night was the only one she cared about.  Cora has been asking for months for a "big girl bike."  The neat thing is, she didn't demand it or even act disappointed when the bike didn't make its appearance until the end of the night.  It made it all the sweeter to see her face when she finally got on.

All in all, it was a very fun day.

Cora Katherine, you are a gift from God.  We love your girly ways and your big, cheesy grin.  We love the way you pray to God to make people feel better and the way you try to take care of your brothers and friends.  Your songs delight us, your stories amuse us, your speech baffles us, and your heart captures us.  Happy three years, precious girl.

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