Friday, October 12, 2012

Blogging is Like Laundry

Yes, you read that right.  Blogging is like laundry.  If I don't keep up, I get overwhelmed, and the thought of doing it becomes more and more daunting.  Well, today is my catch up day.  I'm going to write as many posts as I can bang out.  Get ready for an influx of posts!  :-)

Today's post is dedicated to all of the little things in our life over the past month.  In this month we have...

Enjoyed Brennan's soccer games:

(Brennan is number 3)

Introduced solids to Seth:

(this was our first breakfast with all three kids at the table!)

Improved Cora's cooking skills with the help of Grandma and Daddy:

Spent some time on the phone with Nana:

Read lots and lots of books:

And taken our annual apple-picking trip:

Okay, with my first "load" done, I am going to go have some lunch!  :-)

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