Thursday, March 22, 2012

36 Weeks

How far along: 36 Weeks

How I feel:  I feel done.  I'm super emotional and hormonal, my feet hurt so much I can hardly walk, I run out of energy an hour or two into the day, and some days I can hardly face the morning.  I look like a beached whale, and when I smile my eyes get lost in my enormous cheeks.  Yep, I'm just done.

Maternity clothes: The few (?) items that still fit are holding on for this final 20ish days.  I will not be sorry to bid them farewell forever.

Sleep:  Besides waking every three hours to go to the bathroom, the sleep I do get is pretty decent.  I'm so exhausted I find a position and don't move until I have to get up and go.  I have had some pretty crazy dreams, though!

Best moment this month: There have been a lot!  My dinner party, getting our van, finishing the nursery, and Brennan's upcoming birthday are some of the best.

Movement: He is starting to run out of space, and his squirms make my stomach look like I am housing an alien.

Food cravings: In the past few months I have been to Wild Ginger twice and had their Teriyaki chicken sandwich, sweet potato fries, and Asian slaw.  It all tasted so good to me I feel like I could eat that one meal three times a week.  I also want to try their Mongolian Beef.  (Anyone want to go to Wild Ginger?!)  I am also still on a major chocolate kick and would drink a Starbucks Mocha every day if I could afford it.

Labor Signs: I have several friends that have told me I look like I have dropped in the past week (friends that know how I looked before and know that I already carry low), but I am not so sure it isn't just that I'm getting bigger.  I have also had some preterm contractions at night that have motivated me to get packing this weekend.

Belly button in or out?  I am not sure it could stick out any more.

What I miss: I miss the same things I missed before.  Mostly I miss snuggling with Jim, wearing cute clothes, and taking hot baths.  I also miss having the energy to stand up for even five minutes.

What I am NOT looking forward to:  I am not looking forward to breastfeeding.  I know some women just love it, but I don't.  I do it because I love my kids, and I am fully committed to it, but I feel like I could have the same connection with my babies over a bottle.  (Just being honest.)  I'm also not looking forward to my surgery recovery or being dependent on others to drive me places.  Oh, and I'm not looking forward to extreme sleep deprivation.  (Yeah, there are a lot of things about the early weeks with a newborn that I don't really love, but it all pays off with the first real smile.)

What I am looking forward to:  I am so looking forward to seeing my little boy's face, holding him close, and calling him by name (out loud).  :-)  I also can't wait for my kids to all meet each other.  I'm looking forward to making sweet memories together as a family and watching each child's unique personality develop.

Milestones: Yesterday I had to stop wearing my wedding band.  (I can't believe it fit this long!)  

Weekly Wisdom: One day at a time.  Just focus on one day at a time.

My c-section is scheduled for three weeks from yesterday, but I'm honestly hoping to go into labor a few days early.  This is officially my last monthly update.  It won't be long now (for you... for me it will be three of the longer weeks of my life.)  :-)


  1. You look great!! Please let me know if I can do anything for you :)

  2. I've been there ... it's hard! The best part about it? In six short months (or sooner!) you'll have forgotten everything about this time, and have a sweet little boy forever!


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