Wednesday, November 30, 2011

20 Weeks

How far along: 20 Weeks

Total weight gain: 17.5 pounds

How I feel:  This is probably the best I will feel during the pregnancy.  I'm congested and very winded (higher blood volume means I can't catch my breath), but I'm no longer sick, I'm still sleeping relatively well, and I'm not so huge I hurt yet.  My biggest issue right now is my emotions.  And I have no brain, so I can hardly remember my own name.

Maternity clothes:  I am getting very tired of wearing the same five shirts and two pairs of pants over and over.

Sleep: I am still side/stomach-sleeping and getting adequate sleep, but I cannot sleep on my back anymore.  When I do end up on my back, I get really light-headed and have to roll over.

Best moment this week: Thanksgiving and getting our Christmas tree!

Movement:  I notice it occasionally, but only when I'm really still (which isn't very often).

Food cravings:  It changes every week.  I'm still loving meat.  This week I crave brisket, BBQ, and Mexican.

Labor Signs:  Definitely not yet.

Belly button in or out?  It's nearly flat, but the top part is on the verge of popping out.

What I miss: Hot baths, diet soda, an occasional glass of wine or margarita, and sleeping on my back.  I also miss wearing my favorite boots, because my two pairs of maternity pants won't work with them.

What I am looking forward to:  Still looking forward to the big ultrasound!  We're planning to all go as a family on Monday to see the baby and find out the sex.  It should be a great family memory!  I'm also looking forward to starting the nursery.

What I am NOT looking forward to:  I don't know!  I guess it's good that I have thought about this and can't come up with a good answer!

Milestones: Halfway is a pretty great milestone!  Cora also gave up her pacifiers this past week, which has nothing to do with the baby, but is a milestone for her!

Weekly Wisdom:  Yeah, I've got nothin'.  Baby brain, I guess.  (Feel free to share some sage advice, if you've got any!)  :-)

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