Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Myla's Baby Shower

On Saturday I went to two baby showers.  Babies are cropping up everywhere this spring, and it makes me eager to have another one.  (But then I look at my exhausted, achy, nine-months-pregnant friends and think about the stress of caring for three little people and realize that it would be best for everyone if we wait a while.)  The morning shower was for my friend Rachel, and the decorations were so cute I just had to share!

Everything was done in pink and gray, and it was all so classy and elegant.  The food made up most of the decor, and it was just perfect.

There were Hershey kisses, M & Ms, marshmallows (including pink heart ones... how convenient that Valentine's Day just passed), chocolate dipped pretzels, strawberry cupcakes, and, my favorite, little glass jars of milk with pink and white paper straws.

There was a wishing tree, and it is one of the best ones I've seen because it had very specific prompts like "I hope you ignore... I hope you become... I hope you learn..."  I really hate being told to just write a general note.  I never know what profound or witty thing to say. 

Here is a picture of me with Katie from Takeoff with Katie.  We both loved all of the cutesy, girly things so much!  Katie and I coordinated before the shower so she could make a few specific, sweet things for Myla's nursery.  (Katie is a great artist!)  I am heading over to Rachel's today with the hopes of completing the nursery, and my plan is to share photos of Katie's sweet gifts and other nursery photos tomorrow.  (Fingers crossed!)

Have a happy Wednesday!

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