Friday, February 25, 2011

A Few More Nursery Details

There were a few details I wanted to write about when I wrote about Myla's nursery, but the post threatened to be a mile long.  So I decided to give your eyes a break (and keep you coming back for more!) and write another post. :-)

There were a few small touches in the nursery that really customized the room and pulled everything together.  All in all, it was not an incredibly expensive nursery.  The only "new" piece of furniture was a dresser purchased on Criaglist.  None of the pieces in the room matched (dark crib, white shelves, light, two-toned dresser), so, instead of trying to paint everything (painting isn't really Rachel's favorite hobby) or starting from scratch (not in the budget!), we made a few small changes that tied the room together. 

On the dresser Rachel and I had talked about painting the knobs to match the bedding or even modge-podging colored copies of the crib sheet to the knobs.  (You can see in the photo above that I took a knob off to experiment with the painting idea.) 

In the end, time got away from us and Rachel ended up finding perfect knobs at Hobby Lobby for half price.  For just $15 total we tied in the green in the room and added an element of fun.

With more time, I probably would have painted a little pink and green around the knobs to strengthen their presence and further customize the piece, but sometimes you just have to say "enough is enough." And Rachel is probably sick of feeding me lunch when I come over there to work!  :-)

We used the same idea of tying in the green with the white bookshelf in the room.  By itself it was fine, but it lacked presence and pizzaz!

The shelf has been in the family for a while and has seen better days, so I covered the back with polka dotted scrap book paper!

It freshened up the shelf and brought in the green and polka dots that are used in so much of the room, all while hiding some imperfections.  I would love to have found wrapping paper or wallpaper to have a more continuous look (without seams), but I couldn't find just what I wanted, and we couldn't complain about the cost of six pieces of scrapbook paper and some spray adhesive!  

The other detail I wanted to share is the birdhouses I made for the dormer window.  I bought them all at Michael's for a total of $11.  (The little ones were $1, and I got the big ones on sale for $3 each.)  I used paints that we had already bought for the room, some scrap ribbon I had lying around my house, scrapbook paper, and some colored photocopies of fabric from the room to make each house unique and fun.  We hung them from the ceiling with cup hooks (well-anchored for the big houses!) and fishing wire. 

For less than $50 (and a little bit of time), these three projects made this room much more customized, colorful, and creative! 

Come back next week as I share some of the little staging projects I helped do in other parts of Rachel's house.  Can you tell someone is nesting?  (No, not me!!!)


  1. Melissa!

    You are so creative!!! Wow!!! Do you want to come to MD to help in my nursery? ;-)

    I absolutely love the paper idea on the shelves!!! I would have never thought of that!

    :-) Julie

  2. Thanks, Julie! I don't think you want to pay for me to fly to MD, but I do help with online / email consultations for a reasonable cost. Let me know if you have specific questions. I'd love to help you!

    And thanks for your sweet comment! It makes me smile!

  3. i meant to comment on your last post. LOVE this nursery. Lucky little girl to grow up in such a fun space.

  4. I love those birdhouses!!

    I just sent you this email in response to comment you left, but it sent it to "no reply@ blogger"oops. so here it is:

    "Thank you so much Lissa! Great links.

    I also want to thank you for always leaving such encouraging comments on my posts at Fieldstone Hill. It means so much to me, as a girl starts her dream!

    Have a great day!

    live with beauty,

  5. You are very creative! I love your nursery.
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