Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Ketchup

No, not real ketchup.  It's really "Halloween Catch Up." But much of this post revolves around food, so I thought that ketchup might be more appropriate.

We had a few fun Halloween festivities that didn't get recorded on the blog, so I wanted to go back and document them.

But before I do, allow me to distract you with Cora and her first Stella and Dot necklace:

You're never too young for fabulous accessories.

Okay, back to the food.

We host a small group from our church here every other week, and I have just loved preparing snacks and treats for our meetings.  For our first meeting a few months ago I did a pizza theme including...

veggie snack pizza

chocolate peanutty brownie pizza

 and fruit pizza.

For our meeting last week, I decided to do fall-like snacks.  (Over the course of six days I made five enormous batches of caramel corn.  As in, 35 gallons.  And I do believe every bit got eaten.)

Last Friday I took  about fifty baggies of said caramel corn to Jim's work for the office trick-or-treat.  It was fun.  Brennan, my little pizza boy (yes, we truly are food obsessed), enjoyed choosing candy with his friend, Mason.

Cora just enjoyed running away from Mommy and Daddy at top speed.  She did, however, slow down long enough to meet Junior.

She couldn't be more different than her brother.  Brennan wants nothing to do with people in giant costumes.  He does, however, get excited by silly little things.  And his latest thing is what I call "A sunny breakfast."

At least he doesn't slather his eggs in ketchup.

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  1. Alana is like Brennan. Will NOT go near a dressed up character. Last Halloween was awful because a dad at the parade was dressed as a gorilla and she was convinced he was going to get her. I keep trying the Santa Clause picture every year too and it's a melt down. Oh well. Cora is doing it in that necklace. What a cutie!


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